Other Jobs And Tasks

Having had great experience in software development and matters ICT, LASERSHRP SYSTEMS undertakes to provide ERPs for Golf clubs, Businesses, Hospitals, Schools and Petrol stations. Our robust also develops MOBILE APPS and is on stand-by 24/7.

Lasersharp team, where each partner has a bachelors Degree, has a great passion for matters Technology. For the last number of years we have developed ERP Softwares for institutions in order to implement digital age solutions, enhance reliability, foster good server speeds and encourage accountability and integrity in Business Systems. For our Coporate SocIal Resposibily, LASERSHARP SYSTEMS has in the past years been able to mentor youth and therefore encourage them in matters ICT. One of its Directors to write the following books:

    Large Scale Security & Seveillance Systems

Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR)

All these and more we have done and now encouraging the community to go green for a greener mother earth based on Agenda IV of the the UN-HABITAT. Lasersharp Systems has therefore started a movement called GREEN NOT PLATICS.

GREEN NOT PLASTICS is a movement strted by Lasersharp Systems to give ideas, hrlp and encourage the community conserve mother earth for future generations based on Agenda IV of the the UN-HABITAT.


We Secure your premises.

    chip technology

Motivation Talks, Life Coaching and Team Building